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Services Available

For Recording and Performing Purposes
Songs are available for use on your recording project, in worship services or live performances.  Please visit the "Song Library" link to the left to hear song clips and review lyrics.

To obtain a mechanical license or performing license, please contact Cheri Showalter at


Original music written just for you!
Do you need original music for your project, event or special occasion? Cheri has experience writing personal wedding songs as well as theme music to go with Christmas programs and plays.  Please contact Cheri Showalter at for more information or to have your own original song created!

Sheet Music and Background Tracks:
The sheet music and background track is available for Cheri's version of "The Lord's Prayer", which has been used in church worship services and weddings.

Background tracks are also available for all of the songs on "1 Eye Open", "Unwrap the Gift", and "Connected" recorded by Cheri Showalter.  For more information, please contact Cheri Showalter at

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