"Cheri Showalter is a very gifted, young spirit filled woman, used of God in a mighty way to reach others for Jesus. Her tender heart, gentle and quiet spirit, and the words to her songs she composed, reflect her deep love and commitment to her Lord Jesus Christ. Her anointed music speaks a message of love, hope, reflection and healing to the hearts of the listeners. I have been personally blessed, beyond measure, by her music ministry and utilize her recent CD as a vessel of God's faithfulness, encouragement, love, and healing for my own life."      -Rev. Jim Link Grace Brethren Church of Sherman's Valley Blain, PA & Chaplain, Director of Pastoral Care Cumberland Crossings Retirement Community Carlisle, PA

"Through her music, Cheri Showalter creates an atmosphere of praise and worship that brings glory to God. Her gift of music has been used in our church to assist in leading worship. She writes music and songs that have been used in our worship services and ministers to us through solos. She has been a blessing to us in all of these areas. I highly recommend her and her talents to you." -Pastor Glenn Sauder, Hinkletown Mennonite Church, Ephrata, PA

"Cheri Showalter leads worship and sings with her heart. Cheri's passion for Jesus is clearly felt and heard in her music. Her focus is always on glorifying Jesus, and when she leads you can feel the ushering into God's presence." -Mike Wenger, Youth Evangelist and Director of TNT Youth Ministry, Ephrata, PA

"Cheri's voice is like her heart and spirit before the Lord - it sparkles with the same life and joy and bespeaks her heart's consecration to Him. As with her life before God, her music is all a prayer too. I have been honored and blessed to call her a sister, friend, and co-worker in the Lord."- Rev. Michael Robert Guertin, Elim Fellowship Home Itinerant Missionary, Wilmington, DE

"Cheri Showalter is one of those "Saints in whom we delight" that Psalm 16:3 speaks of. Unlike many of today's "Christian musicians" she has her focus on the Lord and His Word in both her lyrics and music, and that comes through clearly in her concert. You find yourself praising the Lord (as opposed to praising her) because He shines through her. She has a humble yet strong spirit that ministers in all of her music so that you come away refreshed, encouraged, and admonished! At our Spring Luncheon she both sang and shared from her heart, and ministered effectively to women of every age. They all loved her! As the Pastor's Wife and head of the Women's Ministry Team, it gave me great joy to see women in the church delighting in the Lord through this ministry, and also to know that Cheri continues to minister to and draw our ladies to Christ through her CD. What a blessing! I highly recommend Cheri." -Julie Brush, Faith Bible Fellowship Church, Fleetwood, PA

"Your CD is for me-"showers of blessing." So many scriptural insights, so much spirituality in the midst of humanity, so much hope and inspiration. I thank God for the "showers of blessing" He sent to me through you." -Darryl E. Dech, (the former) Music Director, St. Paul's Lutheran Church Sassamansville, PA

"You and your band did a tremendous job." -Crystal Sowell, Coordinator of "The Day", New Holland, PA

"Thanks for sharing your ministry with us. You have a special way of spreading God`s love through your music and heart." -JoAnn Brumgard, St. Bartholomew United Church, Hanover, PA

"Contained within Cheri Showalter's small, crisp soprano voice is a sizeable heart filled with devotion. On her debut disc, One Eye Open, she combines clean melodies with simple lyrics that cut to the core of real-life spiritual matters, making her down-to-earth songs inviting and easy to connect with. Imparting hope and motivation to fellow believers even as she confesses her own vulnerabilities, she comes off as a cheerleader contentedly sitting in the cheap seats with the rest of the crowd." -Steve Morley, freelance music journalist, College Grove, TN