CD Thank You's

Thank you to Connie and Jon Beals for allowing me to share a song that's very personal to them as it was partly written in honor of their son Liston.  May his memory be kept alive through this song.  He will never be forgotten.

This song was also written in honor of the two babies we lost.  It's my prayer that God uses these tragic events to encourage those who are grieving and that it draws them closer to the comforting arms of Jesus.

Thank you to Nathan Horst and the team at Attic Recording Studios in Harrisburg, PA for bringing this song to life.  Thank you for allowing my daughter Carlie to sing on the song as well as Savannah, the cousin of Liston.  That was a special day!

Thank you to my babysitters!  (Hannah, you're awesome.) 

Thank you to God for carrying me through the season of loss and allowing me to create this song for His purposes.  It was a huge blessing at how He provided the funding for this project.

"1 Eye Open"-
I praise God for how He provided all that I needed to make this CD. He knew my needs better than I did. He's so faithful. There are so many people who helped make this CD possible! Unfortunately, there wasn't enough room on the actual CD to thank everyone so here's my attempt to recognize them now. 

Musicians- When I started writing for this project I had no idea who would record the actual music! I'm so grateful for the quality musicians that God brought to help me! What amazes me most about these people is that they do not only play one instrument but they play several...very well! Where do I start to thank each of them for the time and effort they gave?!

Acoustic guitar- Andrew Hostetler, Steve Bridgeman, Brian Grafe
Electric guitar- Steve Bridgeman, Brian Grafe
Percussion & drums- Mindy Lapp, Andrew Hostetler
Djembe- Mindy Lapp
Bass- Rusty Richards
Cello- Kevin Kresge
Pedal steel guitar- Dean Clemmer
Background vocals- Lori Severein
Producer- Rusty Richards

Andrew Hostetler- I'm thankful for your creativity! You were the first to hear most of these songs and give them some life. You are an anointed musician! Jess, thanks for giving up some of your pre-wedding time with Andrew so he could be in the studio! 

Steve Bridgeman- Thank you for jumping in at the middle of the project and adding such amazing parts to the songs! So creative! I'm thankful for your willingness to be on my project while in the midst of working on your own CD!

Brian Grafe- Thanks for adding your parts to the songs and for driving so far to help in the studio! Don't underestimate your talent. God does amazing things through us when we're just willing to try.

Mindy- Thank you for opening my eyes (and ears) to some great drumming. I have a new appreciation for what drummers really much more than just keeping the beat! (Ha!) Thanks for finding the time to be in the studio even when you were (very) pregnant and could barely get behind the djembe. 

Kevin Kresge- Thanks for the inspiring cello part in "You Alone Are My Rock". It makes it so worshipful!

Dean Clemmer- Your parts are so amazing and "mysterious"! They are just what the songs needed. I would have never thought to add that instrument! (I love the pedal steel guitar!)

Lori Severein- Lori, you deserve to have your own CD!  Thanks for your friendship and encouragement through this long process! You don't belong in the background! It's your turn to "run"! 

Rusty- Where do I start...thanks for seeing the potential in me as an artist and a writer. I'm thankful for your creativity and for allowing me to be apart of the decision making process with the CD. Thanks for allowing me to bring Hannah to the studio when I needed to (she'll be on the next CD for sure!) Thanks for adding all of the bass parts. You knew the songs better than anyone and exactly what was needed to complete each song.

Janet- Thanks for always opening up your home...well, your bathroom!

Other people to thank-

Nate- This CD is a dream come true! Thanks for allowing me the chance to complete it.

Hannah- Thanks for giving up your Mommy from time to time so I could be in the studio. You never complained about it. I'll always remember the times you went to the studio too. You still talk about it. 

My babysitters- who I could NOT have done this without! You guys are the best! Thanks for being flexible and for giving such awesome care to Hannah! Thank you to: Jane Showalter, Abigail Showalter, Mom & Dad (Ron & Gloria Kemmerer), Jen Showalter, LouAnn Showalter, Justine (& Courtney) Smith, Lori Severiein...If I forgot anyone- Thanks!

My CD Sponsors- Back in April of 2002 before I began recording, I sensed the Lord asking me to find some people to "sponsor studio time" to help me financially with the project. This awesome group of people did not only give toward studio time but most importantly encouraged and supported me when I needed an extra push! Thank you to: Jon & LouAnn Showalter, Michael Guertin family, Robin & Roger Martin, Mindy Lapp, Bill & Linda Hursh, Julia Redcay, Nance Welsh, John & Lisa Gottshall, Grace Hughes, Dale & Liz Eby, Barry & Etta Lapp, Ron & Gloria Kemmerer, Jess & Jen Showalter, Rachel Good, Brian & Kim Auker, Tom & Sarah Stauffer, Kevin & Cheryl Sauder, Meg & Erv Weaver, Lori Severein, Denise Olmstead, Rodger & Buffy Bashore, and Nancy Kimmet. Thank you also to those who attended and gave at my "CD Benefit Concert"!

To the many friends and family who have stood by me over the years encouraging me to keep pressing on with music.

My Lord and Savior- I am amazed at how this whole CD came together. Though the waiting was long at times, I learned to enjoy watching You open doors and provide at just the right moment. Words can not express what I've learned and how I've grown through this process. You know my heart so well.